snow day…busted!

After all the hype on the local news, we wound up with a bit of freezing rain. Which ultimately meant that it was smart for the entire city to shut down for the day since the roads were very icy and dangerous. But meant that our fun snow day turned into ice day  instead. But in true Williams family fashion, we made the best of it.

Freezing rain means a slide covered in ice. And what does an icy slide mean? Fun! Scott used the plastic dish scraper thingies to knock the ice off the ladder into the kids’ playhouse. And then they had a great time sliding down the very slippery slide. And knocking ice off of things. And running around with bits of ice. And throwing bits of ice on the patio to watch them shatter. You know – all the things that kids do when they don’t get snow.

And who says you have to have snow for a fun snow day?


Twas the night before snow day…or so we hope

Half the country is covered in snow and ice begging for the winter weather to end and we sit here in our nice cozy house hoping for snow. That’s life in Houston for you.

The kids are out of school tomorrow and the college I work for is closed tomorrow. So we’re hoping that the snow actually comes and our poor deprived children get to catch a snowflake or two on their tongues. I’m even planning on waking them up in the middle of the night if I notice that it’s snowing. I just don’t want them to miss it!

Last year, we had a bit of snow one afternoon. Other parts of the city got a pretty good bit, but ours didn’t stick. I thought about pulling the kids out of school early when the snow was coming down pretty good. But I didn’t. And by the time they got out, the snow was gone. A tiny little flurry occurred later on that day and my poor sad pitiful children ran around the backyard pushing a wheelbarrow hoping to catch some snow. Have I mentioned how pitiful they are?

Please, weather gods, make my children less pitiful!!