in the beginning…there was a blog post

Right now I should be picking up the piles of crap around the house because the cleaning lady is coming tomorrow. Or perhaps putting away the dishes from dinner (cereal, anyone?). Or maybe even folding the laundry. But instead, I’m starting a blog. Although it’s not really my first blog since I had one eons ago before blogs everyone was mommyblogging and then I became too busy for blogging. (if you’re curious enough to look for that old content, head on over here)

Why am I starting my blog? Well, really I’m hoping to document the life of a harried working mom who is hoping to making the leap to SAHM-dom and then not regret it. So here you will get to see that journey. Or so I hope.

I’d start things off right by documenting the baskets of laundry on the couch or lunchboxes ready to be unloaded and repacked or any of the other headaches that await me this evening, but…well I can’t find the dang memory card for the camera. Yup. This blog is off to a great start, right? Cuz I”m pretty sure I only like the pretty blogs with pictures and not tons of text.

[click] That’s my first reader leaving me already. And not the sound of my camera taking a picture since it makes no noise when it doesn’t have a card in it.