About Gooberface

Gooberface is written by Tracy. Tracy is a wife. And a mom. And a librarian. And a doggie mom. And a doggie foster mom. And a chauffeur. And a chef. And a laundry maid. And a housekeeper. And a (really poor) home organizer.

Why Gooberface? We have a dog named Peanut (nicknamed Goober). She’s a lab with lots of excess skin all around her face. So we call her Gooberface. Or The Goob. Or Peanut Butter. Or Hey Crazy Psycho Dog Would You Just Look Around The House For Us Instead Of Standing In The Middle Of The House And Barking Until Someone Acknowledges You And Tells You Where We Are?

Maybe someday we’ll come up with a good way to shorten that last nickname.


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