paperwork problems

So I didn’t really do all of the things I planned on doing while I was on medical leave, but that’s OK because I’m still on medical leave! ¬†Woohoo!

Wait – if I’m on medical leave and I work where I happen to work, then I have to use up all of my sick time and vacation time before I really and truly go on medical leave. I don’t want to do that! I want to go back to work and save my vacation and sick time for another time when I really need it!

Essentially, I’m on a medical vacation. Not just that – a vacation forced upon me by paperwork. For all the time that I’ve worked in higher ed, I’ve enjoyed many of the perks: more holidays, lax dress code, no threat of layoffs, etc. But now I’m discovering the dark side of higher ed: Human Resources. This is where we see government bureaucracy at its best. Where a phrase such as “light duty” on a return to work note from a doctor spurs a mess of paperwork and hassle because HR doesn’t understand what “light duty” is and thinks that it means I must not be able to perform my actual job. Because¬†my surgeon knows what my job actually entails, right?

Honestly, this has me so upset and frustrated that I had to yell and beat my hands on my desk for a bit today. My buddy Marty took that as a sign that I needed some doggie love and came over to gently put his paws on my lap and make me pet him. What a thoughtful boy! If only I could earn a living as a doggie hugger…




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