nighttime craziness

If I can’t have my glass of red wine at bedtime, I’m a very grumpy momma. Why? Well, right now as I’m typing this I have one kid in the shower singing “America the Beautiful” (and I’m sure she’s not getting clean) and another kid asking me which Lego piece looks best on his creation, and hubs is busy doing who-knows-what on his iPad. And I’m typing a blog post. And no one is trying really hard to get the kids in bed.

And when is bedtime in our house? 8:00pm.

When do we usually get the kids in bed? After 8:00pm. WAY after 8:00pm.

Maybe we should just stop the rouse and change the bedtime to 9:00pm. Then we’d feel a bit better about getting the kids to bed late. But then again, we’d feel bad about having such a late bedtime for our kids.


Maybe another sip of wine will help me!

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