what you do when you’re on medical leave

After spending most of the past year either in pain with sciatica or in fear of sciatica pain, I decided that it was time to find out the cause of the sciatica and see if that could be treated. Seriously, there’s only so long that I could stand the shame of hurting myself by doing simple things.

Me (calling in to work): “I won’t be at work today – I hurt my back.”

Coworker: “Oh no! What did you do?”

Me: “Um… You know, I’m not really sure. I folded some laundry yesterday. If I accidentally turned and reached for something to fold, that could have caused some serious back problems. Or maybe it was from picking up the dog toy on the floor. I also mixed muffin batter and I swept the floors. Honestly, it could have been ANYTHING!”

I insisted on seeing an orthopedic surgeon – or at least an orthopedic surgeon’s physician’s assistant. After an x-ray confirmed arthritis (like every other 40-something person probably has), I asked “That’s it? Just arthritis and live with it? It can’t be something else? Is there something else we can do about this?” The PA offered up an MRI and even though I’m petrified of tight spaces I signed up for the MRI anyway.

So one scary MRI later, I was greeted with the news that I was the owner of a pretty awesome herniated disc in my back.

And so I opted for a microdiscectomy to get that bad boy out of my back and off my spinal nerve.

The surgery was a few days ago and I’m still on meds to keep the pain at bay, so no work for me.

What to do when you don’t have to go to work?

  • Sleep.
  • Crochet a stuffed creeper for your kids.
  • Binge-watch Orange is the New Black on Netflix.
  • Resurrect the blog you quit writing a couple of years ago.

Aren’t you glad I had back surgery?


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