doggie trouble

Crazy people that we are, we have taken in another dog. The pups have settled in for the most part and it was time to do our thing again for the pup rescue group. So we took in Red Duke on Wednesday. He’s been through a couple of other fosters, and now he’s with us. The first foster was just completely overwhelmed by her other foster dog and her own dog who has cancer and just couldn’t deal with another foster dog. The second foster was overwhelmed by the craziness of Red Duke and some perceived aggression between her dog and Red Duke.

So now he’s at our house. And he’s wild. And crazy. He jumps. And he slobbers. And he chews.

Did I mention that he chews?

And in one evening he’s chewed through a leather leash, a very thick nylon leash and one of the laces on my very favorite Keen sandals. I’m hoping I can get a replacement lace for it soon.

And Red Duke is getting a chain leash. And being tethered far away from anything he’s not allowed to chew on.

I can’t believe we’re this


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