things I love (belated valentines post)

I love that my girl sings thousands of songs – all that she made up herself. I love that the songs sometimes follow a theme. Today’s theme was “teeth” – because she has a loose tooth. I love that my girl loves to dance in front of the mirror or any reflective surface – even though I also find it maddening because she gets distracted from what she is supposed to be doing.

I love that my boy can fill a page with amazing drawings of things I’d never imagine – but I don’t love when he gets in trouble for doing it on the homework he is supposed to be self-checking. I love that when he finds something funny, he has to come and show it to you and you can’t help but laugh because he’s so excited about it. I love that he can get so immersed into a book that he’s oblivious to the world around him – but I also find it maddening when the world around him is me trying to get his attention. I love that my boy will still come up and hug me for no reason – and I hope he continues to do so forever and ever and never finds that he’s “too cool” to hug his mom.

I love that my hubby sweetly says “okay” and turns over when I tell him he’s snoring. I love that he agrees with the kids that the pancakes from mix are crap compared to the homemade ones that I make. I love that he gets as excited about camping with the kids as they do. I love that he’s a big ‘ol softie and loves the puppies that I adopted when he was gone – and even helps clean up when they poop in the house. I love that he’s not *too* mad that I found the birthday gift he had bought for me in his trunk (although he wouldn’t even know about it if it weren’t for the boy telling on me).  I love that after almost 15 years I still find new things to love about him.

I love that even though I’m all grown up and have been on my own for MANY years, my parents are still there to help me. I love that they moved to a new house to live closer to us after we moved. I love that they drop (nearly) everything to help out with my kids (and dogs!). I love that they have embraced retirement and found things that they truly enjoy doing. I love that after nearly 46 years of marriage, they are still together. I love that I see them bicker…and know that it’s normal and that hubby and I can continue bickering and hopefully see our 46th anniversary and many more.

I love that I’m blessed to have a family that makes me warm and happy inside. Even though there are times that I find life difficult, my hubby and kids and parents are the glue that keeps my life together.



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