picture frame makeover

I have some boring picture frames purchased back in the day when I thought I liked the look of naked wood. I no longer like naked wood. But why toss perfectly good frames when I can just give ’em a makeover?

Here’s my sweetie back in his archery heyday:

Take the picture out, clean the glass well and set it aside. Then head to the garage. Get out a hammer and beat the crap out of the frame:

Enlist your kids for some help:

Paint it with some black paint, then sand off some of the paint on the edges of the frame:

Slather with some Mod Podge (I used the matte finish, although I’ve also used the Glossy finish for a previous project and like that look as well).

It starts out looking all milky white, but will dry clear. Once it is completely dry, put your glass back into the frame, add the picture of your sweetie and attach the backing and you have a fantabulous distressed picture frame to be proud of!

Put the picture back where you found it and enjoy your totally “new” picture frame!


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