doggie trouble

Crazy people that we are, we have taken in another dog. The pups have settled in for the most part and it was time to do our thing again for the pup rescue group. So we took in Red Duke on Wednesday. He’s been through a couple of other fosters, and now he’s with us. The first foster was just completely overwhelmed by her other foster dog and her own dog who has cancer and just couldn’t deal with another foster dog. The second foster was overwhelmed by the craziness of Red Duke and some perceived aggression between her dog and Red Duke.

So now he’s at our house. And he’s wild. And crazy. He jumps. And he slobbers. And he chews.

Did I mention that he chews?

And in one evening he’s chewed through a leather leash, a very thick nylon leash and one of the laces on my very favorite Keen sandals. I’m hoping I can get a replacement lace for it soon.

And Red Duke is getting a chain leash. And being tethered far away from anything he’s not allowed to chew on.

I can’t believe we’re this


things I love (belated valentines post)

I love that my girl sings thousands of songs – all that she made up herself. I love that the songs sometimes follow a theme. Today’s theme was “teeth” – because she has a loose tooth. I love that my girl loves to dance in front of the mirror or any reflective surface – even though I also find it maddening because she gets distracted from what she is supposed to be doing.

I love that my boy can fill a page with amazing drawings of things I’d never imagine – but I don’t love when he gets in trouble for doing it on the homework he is supposed to be self-checking. I love that when he finds something funny, he has to come and show it to you and you can’t help but laugh because he’s so excited about it. I love that he can get so immersed into a book that he’s oblivious to the world around him – but I also find it maddening when the world around him is me trying to get his attention. I love that my boy will still come up and hug me for no reason – and I hope he continues to do so forever and ever and never finds that he’s “too cool” to hug his mom.

I love that my hubby sweetly says “okay” and turns over when I tell him he’s snoring. I love that he agrees with the kids that the pancakes from mix are crap compared to the homemade ones that I make. I love that he gets as excited about camping with the kids as they do. I love that he’s a big ‘ol softie and loves the puppies that I adopted when he was gone – and even helps clean up when they poop in the house. I love that he’s not *too* mad that I found the birthday gift he had bought for me in his trunk (although he wouldn’t even know about it if it weren’t for the boy telling on me).  I love that after almost 15 years I still find new things to love about him.

I love that even though I’m all grown up and have been on my own for MANY years, my parents are still there to help me. I love that they moved to a new house to live closer to us after we moved. I love that they drop (nearly) everything to help out with my kids (and dogs!). I love that they have embraced retirement and found things that they truly enjoy doing. I love that after nearly 46 years of marriage, they are still together. I love that I see them bicker…and know that it’s normal and that hubby and I can continue bickering and hopefully see our 46th anniversary and many more.

I love that I’m blessed to have a family that makes me warm and happy inside. Even though there are times that I find life difficult, my hubby and kids and parents are the glue that keeps my life together.



picture frame makeover

I have some boring picture frames purchased back in the day when I thought I liked the look of naked wood. I no longer like naked wood. But why toss perfectly good frames when I can just give ’em a makeover?

Here’s my sweetie back in his archery heyday:

Take the picture out, clean the glass well and set it aside. Then head to the garage. Get out a hammer and beat the crap out of the frame:

Enlist your kids for some help:

Paint it with some black paint, then sand off some of the paint on the edges of the frame:

Slather with some Mod Podge (I used the matte finish, although I’ve also used the Glossy finish for a previous project and like that look as well).

It starts out looking all milky white, but will dry clear. Once it is completely dry, put your glass back into the frame, add the picture of your sweetie and attach the backing and you have a fantabulous distressed picture frame to be proud of!

Put the picture back where you found it and enjoy your totally “new” picture frame!


snow day…busted!

After all the hype on the local news, we wound up with a bit of freezing rain. Which ultimately meant that it was smart for the entire city to shut down for the day since the roads were very icy and dangerous. But meant that our fun snow day turned into ice day  instead. But in true Williams family fashion, we made the best of it.

Freezing rain means a slide covered in ice. And what does an icy slide mean? Fun! Scott used the plastic dish scraper thingies to knock the ice off the ladder into the kids’ playhouse. And then they had a great time sliding down the very slippery slide. And knocking ice off of things. And running around with bits of ice. And throwing bits of ice on the patio to watch them shatter. You know – all the things that kids do when they don’t get snow.

And who says you have to have snow for a fun snow day?


Twas the night before snow day…or so we hope

Half the country is covered in snow and ice begging for the winter weather to end and we sit here in our nice cozy house hoping for snow. That’s life in Houston for you.

The kids are out of school tomorrow and the college I work for is closed tomorrow. So we’re hoping that the snow actually comes and our poor deprived children get to catch a snowflake or two on their tongues. I’m even planning on waking them up in the middle of the night if I notice that it’s snowing. I just don’t want them to miss it!

Last year, we had a bit of snow one afternoon. Other parts of the city got a pretty good bit, but ours didn’t stick. I thought about pulling the kids out of school early when the snow was coming down pretty good. But I didn’t. And by the time they got out, the snow was gone. A tiny little flurry occurred later on that day and my poor sad pitiful children ran around the backyard pushing a wheelbarrow hoping to catch some snow. Have I mentioned how pitiful they are?

Please, weather gods, make my children less pitiful!!