Getting ready for the holidays

peanut's tree

Halloween is over and Peanut’s tree says that it is officially fall in our neck of the woods. And that means it is time to start thinking about holiday cards.

I LOVE photo holiday cards! I don’t care if it is a picture of grandkids, dogs or a snapshot from a favorite vacation taken during the year – the degree of personal attention that goes into a photo card makes it SO much better than the ones you find in a box at the discount store.

Usually, I wind up procrastinating with my holiday card order and wind up ordering from a nearby big-box discount store that has a 24-hour turnaround on cards. The major drawback I’ve found is that their designs aren’t anything spectacular. And many of the times I’ve used them, I have to go back to get more envelopes or just buy some more because they give me too few. Seriously? You give me 20 envelopes and I have 50 cards? How does that work out?

This year, however, I am making a pledge: I will start working on my cards NOW and I will order them through Shutterfly. Why? Well, I’ve used Shutterfly in the past with nice results. Here are a couple of the photo books I made. The grandparents really loved this one when they received it for Christmas last year. I guess I have to start working on a new one for this Christmas! Eeek! Too many things to do and so little time!

Shutterfly really has some wonderful designs this year. I’m quite fond of the colors on this one:

Shutterfly Colorful Joy 2010

Shutterfly’s calendars are really nifty. How cool would it be to give your family personalized calendars with birthdays and anniversaries already on the calendar? I’m totally in love with the Playdate theme. Maybe the grandparents get a wall calendar this year instead of a photo book?

And if all of my holiday prep gets put off due to the myriad of fiascoes that tend to befall me when I have grand plans for projects, I can always send out a bunch of New Year’s cards! Considering all the swanky New Year’s designs available, it might be a good thing for me to procrastinate!

shutterfly new years card


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